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10 Must-Have Skills for Nonprofit New Media Managers:

10 Must-Have Skills for Nonprofit New Media Managers:


Because its editors are mostly male, an open-source map that provides data to companies like Foursquare and Craigslist may contain more strip clubs than day care centers.

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International Volunteer HQ organizes affordable volunteering programs in developing countries all over the world:






Raju’s spikes have been taken off and today he will take his first step to freedom in 50 years. His wounds are infected and need a lot of care. Will you help by supporting Raju ?


Photo of the Day: Classic American Car

Photo by Galli Levy (Ramat Gan, Israel); Havana, Cuba


Bras don’t actually work, says French study
Burn your brasseires, ladies: Scientists say they increase sagging and don’t alleviate back pain.



88% of Millennials donated to a nonprofit in 2013:

Orcas in the wild have an average life expectancy of 30 to 50 years—their estimated maximum life span is 60 to 70 years for males and 80 to more than 100 for females. The median age of orcas in captivity is only 9: 


Willa Cather on writing through troubled times – a moving 1916 letter to her younger brother 

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HOW TO: Respond to Trolls and Difficult Personalities on Social Media: 

HOW TO: Respond to Trolls and Difficult Personalities on Social Media:


We’re so excited to bring (along with gagosiangallery and Tishman Speyer) Jeff Koons’ Split-Rocker (second row) to NYC for the first time! Opens in just over a week at Rockefeller Center, 


"The job of the artist is to make a gesture and really show people what their potential is. It’s not about the object, and it’s not about the image; it’s about the viewer. That’s where the art happens." —Jeff Koons

In a new previously unpublished 2009 interview with Jeff Koons, the artist speaks about his relationship with art, his 2008 exhibition at the Château de Versailles, and misrepresentations of his work.

READ: Jeff Koons: Art Changes Every Day

IMAGES: Installation views of Jeff Koons: Versailles at Château de Versailles, France, 2008. Production stills from the Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 5 episode, Fantasy, 2009. © Art21, Inc. 2009.